'Welcome Baby!' Baby Book
'Welcome Baby!' Baby Book
'Welcome Baby!' Baby Book
'Welcome Baby!' Baby Book

'Welcome Baby!' Baby Book

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Tiny handprints, first giggles, nicknames, favourite things, and bright dreams for the future: Welcome Baby! is the perfect keepsake book for capturing precious memories and mementoes of baby’s first year.

The inside of 'Welcome Baby!' is a place to capture every miracle and milestone, creating a heartwarming journal of these first, special days.

The cover of 'Welcome Baby!' is a lovely charcoal fabric with an embossed illustration.

Please note that the cover and inside of all 'Welcome Baby!' books is the same, it's just the removable paper sash that is coloured. So, if we run out of pink, you can add a blue copy to your cart, because the coloured paper sash will be disposed of after gifting.

Personally, I think this is the perfect mix of fill-in pages and areas where you can go a bit long form with your writing.  Remember, keeping a baby book is supposed to be enjoyable.  If you love journalling then absolutely go for something more involved but remember there will be a little person vying for your attention so sometimes you'll just want to get the basics written down.