Who I went to Morocco with

Morocco – The Who

I can’t begin to explain how amazing my trip to Morocco was…but I’m going to try! 🐫🐪🐫

First up, who did I go with? Lucky for me, the most amazing group of women!  Here they are:

Our trusty leaders were, Pip Brett from Jumbled Online (@jumbledonline) and Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors (@greenhouseinteriors).

If you are ever in Orange, which you should definitely do, then visiting Jumbled is an absolute must! Pip loves colour so there is a fun mix of homewares; plus when she and husband Speedy bought The Sonic, they did an amazing job bringing this old building back to life – injecting some new whilst keeping all the good ‘old bits’. The Sonic is also home to Nimrods for a caffeine injection and Jumbled’s sister-store Iglou (@igloustore).

Pip’s right-hand woman Jess (@mrsjconliffe), was also on the tour and I was lucky enough for her to be my roomie! In the beginning, it was really because we/they were scared no-one else would have me, what with the crazy snoring and all…but it was love at first sight!😍

Julia, Julia, Julia…what can I say about Julia? Julia is crazy but in a fun crazy way that brings so much energy to any room! Stylist, artist rep, businesswoman extraordinaire – there is so much to be learnt from this dynamo. So jealous of the next group who get to go with this team!

Talking of teams; Emma Cleine of Lumiere Art & Co (@lumiereartandco) is represented by Greenhouse Interiors. I can honestly say, getting to know Emma, learning more about her work but also watching her as a businesswoman was a real treat. I sometimes think that people have this misconception of creative women just having these dinky little businesses that are an outlet but don’t really make business sense. Emma is super switched on and I just loved hanging out with her.

We also had Armelle Habib (@armellehabib), a frequent collaborator of Julia’s onboard for part of the trip. If you have opened an interiors magazine, looked at a gorgeous cookbook or salivated over gorgeous products then you will likely have seen Armelle’s work without even realizing it. I loved watching her work – she even gave me a few tips when we were taking pictures of the rugs on our rooftop in Marrakech!

Sarah of Salted Grace Interiors (@saltedgraceinteriors) also has a keen eye for capturing amazing images and happens to be lovely.  What a combo, clever and kind. I honestly look through Sarah’s instagram feed, see her photos and compare them to similar photos that I took at the time and can’t believe we were in the same spot because hers are so much better! I think she has the knack!

From sweet to kind but also kind of crazy – the girls from Condobolin – Vikki (@homesworth2) and Annie (@annieswares101)! It’s fair to say that these girls should be sent into struggling countries to stimulate the economy.  You know you are going to do some serious shopping when you take an empty suitcase to fill.

Fortunately for me, Annie – hairdresser to the stars of Condo – packed her hairdryer! Once I cottoned on to the fact that Annie was willing and able to make me look glam, I was at her door every morning!  Always travel with a hairdresser in your posse.

There are too many Vikki stories to tell and to be honest they all fall under the category ‘what happens in Morocco stays in Morocco’.

This fun duo from Condobolin became a trio when they met Sarsie from Orange! After a week with Vikki and Annie, Sarsie was in top form.  I’m still not sure how she managed it, but thanks to Sarsie, we got drinks on the plane before the drinks service even started! They also started the meal service in her row so that we could get our first choice of meal! Sarsie’s instagram is private, so for now she will have to remain a mystery to you, kind of like the dentist that you only see the back of in advertisements.

Still in Orange, we have Elise and Michelle, mother and daughter and future hosts of our reunion at the family winery Heifer Station (@heiferstationwines). If you were wondering how to make a good impression on a group of women you are meeting for the first time, be like Michelle and Elise and bring a few bottles of bubbly from your vineyard to enjoy at sunset on your first night.  Also, if you are looking for a vibe similar to ‘The Farm’ in Byron then Heifer Station is for you – they even have a petting zoo!

Someone who also made a good impression, on our driver Hamza, was Cassie. Unfortunately for Hamza, who is looking to add a second wife into the mix, Cassie is very much a taken woman! Cassie and her hubby are building a house from scratch on the Mornington Peninsula, so much of the trip was about sourcing and gathering inspiration for their exciting project. You can follow Cassie’s grand design and her other work at @cassandradillonprojects

Heading to the South Coast we have Zoie and Tara who arrived in Morocco a few days early to shop for Tara’s business Few and Far Home (@fewandfarhome). According to our Moroccan fortune teller, big things are in the pipeline for Tara so as if her thriving businesses aren’t going well enough, there is more to come! Few and Far Home is the place to go for one-off furniture pieces.  Like Sarsie, Zoie is another secret Instagrammer so you can’t stalk her which just adds to the mystery of ‘Zoie with the perfect hair’.  I would never notice what she was picking when we were shopping, then we would leave and she’d have all the good stuff – sneaky!

Last but certainly not least is Lola, my Lola Bear! I felt very lucky to spend more quality time with Lola after meeting last year in India. Lola’s print design studio, Longina Phillips Designs (@longinaphillipsdesigns) has one of the most inspiring Instagram feeds going. They also have a school where you can learn some of the tricks of the trade. I just adore Lola and am constantly inspired by her not only as a person but also as a trailblazing woman – plus she just gave me a knitting machine so I love her even more than usual!

Package holidays definitely can get a bad wrap but having been to India with The School and now Morocco with Jumbled Online and Greenhouse Interiors, I can honestly say that if you pick somewhere you want to go, on a trip run by people who have the same interests, then you will always get a good group and have an amazing time.

That concludes my love letter to the group, stay tuned for Part Two of my Moroccan Adventure.

Kate xoxo

📸 Armelle Habib

From left to right: Jess, Emma, Sarah, Me, Cassie, Julia, Pip, Elise, Vikki, Lola, Annie, Michelle, Sarsie.  Zoie and Tara were too efficient and had already gone to brush their teeth!





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  1. Annie Ryan says:

    OMG What an amazing trip and crew. Brilliant, and all the better for you being the sunshine in our lives ☀️

    • Kate Crews says:

      Sorry Annie, can’t do anything about Shannon Noll but I did just change the spelling of Condobolin 😉

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