Morocco Part Two

Morocco: The Pools, The Rugs and The Roomie!

You’ve heard about the ‘Who’ (see Part One: Morocco: The Who? ), so now it’s time to tell you some of the weird and wonderful things we did!

Some people keep travel journals.  I am one of those people.

Depending on how much time I have, it can vary from dates/places to details of what I did, where I went and the funny stories that happened along the way.  When I was furiously jotting down notes, the girls on my Morocco trip started to wonder what secrets of theirs I was committing to paper.  Some stories must remain secret, after all…what happens in Morocco, stays in Morocco, but here is a little sneak peek.

First up, the Jumbled/Greenhouse team definitely delivered on Instaworthy places to stay.  In fact, when I was en route to Marrakech, flicking through the BA in-flight magazine, I came across an article on the most Instagrammable pool in the world…it was the pool at our first destination Le Riad Yasmine (@leriadyasmine)!

Here I am swimming in the pool compared to Pip from @jumbledonline being a normal person by the pool.  I know, I’m super dainty!


Le Riad Yasmine, was just the beginning – all of our hotels were amazing!  Somehow though, Jess (my roomie) and I always ended up with the rooms that had curtains rather than doors dividing the bedroom/bathroom.  Given that Jess and I had only met once and only briefly before sharing a room, you could say our friendship was fast-tracked when we realised we could hear each other pee! Jess and I went from ‘it’s a bit weird sleeping next to someone I don’t know’ to ‘sure, we can do a Hammam together (naked)’ in about a week!

Speaking of nudity, it was time to find me a husband!  Once we told Moh (our guide) that I was single he was ridiculously excited to get my fortune told and find me a Moroccan husband! What followed was weird and wonderful…

Fortunately for us, in Morocco the fortune teller can come to you, gas bottle and all (I’m not even kidding).

So, our lovely Moroccan gypsy-type met us at the spice shop and we set-up in the back room.  No wonder Moh was so excited – we weren’t getting a palm reading, we were getting a silver reading?!? Basically, our mystic rubbed a hunk of silver on me to ‘get my scent’, then placed the silver in a ladle that she had been heating over the gas ring. When the hunk of metal had melted, it was poured into a bucket of water and she read my fortune according to the shape the silver took. It was pretty cool how different the shapes the silver formed were. It made you think there could be something to this silver fortune telling business, until she started to get a bit of fortune telling fatigue towards the end of the group and the readings become less detailed and generally ended with “everything will be alright”!


Much like India, shopping for rugs in Morocco is like being invited into someone’s home. You’re welcomed wholeheartedly, everyone is offered a cuppa and the whole crew comes out to say hello but in this case, the tea is mint, the family are pulling rugs out from all over the shop to find your perfect match and you leave with a lighter wallet and a buzz from the heated negotiations! Everyone yells in Morocco when negotiating – it’s a dance where we start off friends who are negotiating over price, then there are a lot of angry words in Arabic before everyone shakes hands and hugs it out – thankfully for us, Moh did all the yelling in Arabic for us!

Boucherouite Rug Double Diamonds Moh, Pip and Kate at Nomad

You can see the rugs Moh secured for The Nursery here, Moh is the handsome fella sitting next to me and Pip at Nomad.

After watching Moh in action, we were ready to hit the Medina and start negotiating/arguing 😉

Now, a lot of Moroccans speak French and many English, so armed with high school French I was doing okay until I met the ‘Moccasin Man’, who spoke neither English nor French. Cue, the loveliest bunch of stallholders descending on the scene to help me buy our gorgeous baby moccasins.  Whilst this was happening, Sarsie, Vikki and Sarah exhibited the patience of a saint waiting for me.  Thankfully I was able to repay them by masterfully guiding us back to Le Riad Yasmine (even if at one point I wasn’t 100% where I was going), where I swam in the ‘most Instagrammable pool in the world’!


I’m pretty confident that the pool at Villa Anouk (@villaanouk) is up there in the Instagram stakes but more importantly after a long drive, it was lovely to lie by the pool before the shenanigans of the night really began.  Can anyone say…PYJAMA PARTY!

By the time I swam, showered and got into my pjs for our night in, the group was halfway through the Villa’s wine stores.  Fueled by a lovely Moroccan Rosé, we jiggled to the live Moroccan music had our bodies covered in henna and glitter and had dinner at a pretty standard Moroccan 9:30/10PM!  Pyjama parties will never be the same…I’m almost surprised that no-one did a nudie run!  #frankthetank


In Part 1, I mentioned some crazy snoring – my crazy snoring.

When Pip e-mailed about the trip, I knew that she would do an amazing job so I didn’t look too closely – I just went for it!  When I realised that it was twin share accommodation and I could affect someone else’s holiday, I freaked out!

Did I mention that I also have a super sensitive tummy and can’t eat a whole lot of things that Moroccans like to cook with? I figured that if I had managed in India, then I could manage in Morocco.

My Roomie Jess!

Poor Jess received an e-mail from me with a list of things that I couldn’t eat and a long story about how bad my snoring could be and went straight to Pip to say “who is this crazy person?”.  Thankfully, Pip and I had such an amazing time in India that she could assure Jess that I was harmless plus with Jess’ husband being a bit of snorer too, we were destined to be roomies.  Who would have thought that you could go from “who is this crazy woman” to “I’m going to miss this crazy woman, please move to Orange” in a week.

Thanks to Jess, I ate at some of the best places in Morocco.  Everyone was so accommodating from the hatted restaurants, Nomad and Terrasse Des Epices – where the hats are literally embroidered with their names – to the amazing rooftop of El Fen where you hear the call to prayer waft across on the evening breeze. Everything was amazing!

We just had the best time – all of us! From glamping in the desert, being bitten by camels, being exfoliated together, shopping, shopping and more shopping, eating, drinking and so much more – it was quite the adventure and I could never do it justice with words but if you want to head to Morocco feel free to shoot me an e-mail

Kate xoxo


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