What will my order look like? What about gift wrapping?

Hello there!

I'd like to talk you through how we pack our orders so that you know what to expect when you order a gift from The Nursery.

Although we offer gift wrapping, we have tried to design our packaging so that you don't need to gift wrap unless you really want to. Either way, your order will arrive looking lovely!

So, all orders are packaged in one of our branded drawstring bags and where appropriate, items will also be wrapped in tissue paper.  Where the shipping and billing address are the same, we will assume this is not a gift (unless you let us know otherwise), so our standard postcard will be included.  Expect something like this:

Where the shipping address and billing address differ, we consider this might be a gift so although we continue to wrap the products in tissue paper and put everything in a drawstring bag we will change the postcard.  This 'gifting' postcard includes our contact details on one side in case the gift recipient needs to get in contact but the other side says "This gift was sent to you by" and leaves room for us to write your name. Should you wish to include a long message we recommend purchasing a card so that it can be put aside as a keepsake by your friend or family member.  We promise we will write your message in our best handwriting and your parcel will arrive looking something like this:

Gift wrapping is also available at a cost of $6.95 per grouping of products. For example, should your order include gifts for multiple recipients then these would each incur a gift wrapping charge. When one gift wrapping charge is applied to your cart, we will assume that all products can be wrapped together.  We love our gift wrapping, it looks like this:

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