What to take when visiting a new baby - options for terrible cooks and time poor friends included.

So, your friend has had a baby and you're going to visit them at home.  You know that you should take something for them to eat but you don't know what, here are some options:

I'm a shit cook or just super busy with my awesome responsibility-free life!

Option 1: Just buy something.  No-one said you had to lovingly make a lasagne which by the way takes forever when you make everything from scratch!  Stop by a nice deli and buy a few things like a quiche or a lasagne - chances are it will taste better than anything you could make anyway.

Option 2: Again, this could seem like little thought has gone into it but buy them a voucher.  I love Dinner Ladies because everything is made from scratch, reasonably priced and delicious.  This way if your friend has been inundated with home-cooked meals they can place an order with someone like Dinner Ladies when the meals run out.

Option 3: DIY Kits.  If I had just had a baby and the weather was cooling down I would name you godmother to my baby if you turned up with a Toastie or Jaffle (otherwise known as a toasted sandwich) kit.  Bread, cheese, tomato, avocado, cold cooked sausages, ham and even Nutella are the start of an amazing toastie.  I've decided toasties are like the sandwich equivalent of a big warm hug.  In summer, maybe a Cold Rock style kit could be good with ice-creams, toppings and all their favourite lollies.  Even a snack kit would be great with vegetable sticks, dips, crackers, dried fruits and cookies because when you have another human attached to your bosom half the time, making veggie crudites could feel like an insurmountable task.

I can cook and I might even grow my own vegetables because...earth mother!

Full disclosure, I would like to be this person and I really do try, I even grow my own herbs but sometimes the pressure of making something taste good for other people is too intimidating!  Here are some options that even I would try:

*Pasta Sauce.  Try and add some veggies since this might be the only homemade meal they eat today and take a packet of dry spaghetti so that they have the option of eating now or freezing for later dependent on what else they have in the fridge.
*Uncooked meatballs.  This probably sounds weird but bear with me.  This is actually a suggestion from my sister; someone made some nice meatballs for her to freeze and she said that they were so handy to have on hand either just to cook or to add to pasta sauce for an easy meal.
*Soup with crusty bread.  If they are inundated with meals, soup generally freezes well and they can just use the bread for delicious toast or toasties.  If they need food then you've provided a pretty impressive lunch for a couple of days.
*Veggie bake or similar sides are great because they can be added to any grilled meat for a quick and easy meal.

I hope this helps,


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