Made In Australia: Kippins Organic Sleepy-Time Baby Balm

The Nursery, along with the babies of Australia, have always loved Kippins and now we can love them even more!

Not only have Heather Rowland and her team developed a product that achieved COSMOS organic certification, but they have also managed to keep production in Australia so that you can be assured of the product quality.

Heather answered a couple of questions for us so that we could get to know her and Kippins a little better.

How did Kippins start?  Is your background in design, were you looking for organic toys and couldn't find what you were looking for, or were you parents doing anything you could to get some decent sleep?

I was on maternity leave with my first son and he was having trouble sleeping and dealing with separation anxiety. I read a lot about comforters and so went to buy one. But I was surprised that this staple baby product hadn’t seemed to have evolved or be modernised since I was a baby over 30 years ago!

I saw an opportunity to make something that was made of safe and sustainable material, that was super cute and fun and which didn’t have any buttons or embroidery and went back to basics without any gimmicky bells and whistles.

Pre- Kippins I worked in Advertising, PR and Marketing for over a decade with a focus on building brands. It has been super fun to build my own which combines all of the core values that I love!

Kippins products are GOTS certified and the new Sleepy-Time Balm is COSMOS certified organic.  How important is organic production to Kippins and is it hard to achieve?

Oh my goodness, from a production point of view it would be a hundred times easier to go a non-organic, non-sustainable route. It throws up so many limitations and challenges – from ingredients and materials to logistics. Everything takes twice as long and is twice as hard. But for me, particularly given that I have a brand that is for our youngest little humans, I feel a huge sense of responsibility to ensure that we’re making things that are good for people and for the planet. When you go into product development and manufacturing, it really is a huge eye-opener. I was really shocked at what is standard in the garment industry and what goes into a lot of health care products marketed as ‘natural’. 

Our entire brand is built around developing nap and night-time rituals. It’s these rituals and consistency that lead to a better night’s sleep for everyone and they take time to develop. The Sleepy-Time Balm was a logical next step for us in helping people create the perfect environment for sleep.

How should parents use the Sleepy-Time Balm?  Is it designed for after-bath massages, on baby's feet before bed, could you even squeeze a little in the bath?

Yes, you can absolutely squeeze some in the bath. It’s great to take a small amount (half a pea) and rub onto baby’s chest and wrists. The aroma will trigger natural responses to induce sleep, and what is absorbed through the skin also helps aid baby to calm and settle before sleep with over ten powerful natural ingredients that address tummy issues, tension, headaches, anxiety and more. You can also rub some onto your baby’s Kippin. The smell will fast become another sleep association that makes for a calmer, easier bedtime.

Are you a podcast fan?  If so, what are your go-to podcasts?

Absolutely, I’m obsessed! I listen in the car between school pick-ups and drop-offs. I love a mix of Business, Psychology, Crime and interviews.

My top ten at the moment would be:

  • No Filter with Mia Freedman (Mamamia Podcasts)
  • Where Should We Begin (Esther Perel)
  • Trace (ABC)
  • Conversations (ABC)
  • The Teachers Pet (all of the podcasts by The Australian are brilliant)
  • Lady Startup (Mamamia Podcasts)
  • Talk Social to Me (Stevie Says Social)
  • Mums with Hustle
  • The Garyvee Audio Experience (if I need a kick up the butt!)
  • The Pitch (Gimlet)

Thank you so much Heather, I've just subscribed to some of these podcasts!

Kate xoxo

P.S. You can click on the picture to go to the Sleepy-Time Balm product page.😍

Photographs provided by Kippins.


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