Once A Year Book – Koala


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Once a Year Books are the ultimate memory keepers and this soft grey and peach Koala beauty is a total knockout. This is my go-to gift when asked to be a godparent and it is perfect for Christenings when you are not sure what to give, it is that special!

The big difference between the Once A Year Book and traditional baby books is that rather than going into the nitty gritty of babyhood, this amazing product brings together 18 years of memories.

Each page of the concertina style book has space for a photo taken at age 5 for example, then on the back, you can write significant events and memories from that year.

Also, included is a Chatter Book for you to record your child’s utterings whether comedic or genius.

To top it all off, the set comes in a sweet wooden box.  I can imagine looking through the beautiful book every year as my child grew to reflect on their journey.  To be quite honest I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

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