Milestones #1 Baby Bundle


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Milestone cards are fantastic for capturing progress and sharing socially but it is also lovely to have a written record either to pass on to your child or to reflect on when they are a teenager and driving you insane!

Milestone #1 pairs Beci Orpin illustrated milestone cards with Letters To You, an annual opportunity for you to write to your baby.

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Milestone Baby Cards Illustrated By Beci Orpin

When did your baby first smile? Or sit? Or walk?

Don't let those special moments become distant memories.

With Milestone Baby Cards you can capture and remember them as years go by, or create cute updates to send to family and friends.

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Letters To You by Compendium

Letters To You is a lovely way to capture your feelings towards your child and their achievements with each year that passes.

You could fill it out on your child's birthday or at the end of each calendar year, knowing that as time goes by this book will become as rich and filled with love as the years you've spent together.

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