Little Letters Baby Bundle


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We are combining two of our most popular products to give you the ultimate baby book bundle, LittleLetters.

Hello Little One is a classic baby book, recording special ‘firsts’, memories and measurements; whilst Letters To You is an opportunity to reflect year-by-year as your child grows.

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Letters To You by Compendium

Letters To You is a lovely way to capture your feelings towards your child and their achievements with each year that passes.

You could fill it out on your child's birthday or at the end of each calendar year, knowing that as time goes by this book will become as rich and filled with love as the years you've spent together.

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Hello Little One by Compendium

Compendium have done it again with Hello Little One!

Hello Little One is a place to capture every miracle and milestone whilst creating a journal of the special days of your baby's first year.

Tiny handprints, first giggles, nicknames, favorite things, and bright dreams for the future are interspersed with playful illustrations and tender quotes.

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