Banksi Kippin


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Banksi grabs a leaf and joins the tune, the Dreamer will be sleeping soon.

Banksi is a cuddly kangaroo baby comforter who loves to play lullabies with her gum leaf to help put little Dreamers to sleep.

Banksi features a soft blue, teal, lavender and pink banskia and protea flower print, her reverse side is solid grey.

Kippins are designed using simple, bold prints that new babies love! They’re hypoallergenic and gentle on new skin – perfect for hugs and play.  The soft knots at each corner provide perfect knobbly bits for teethers to knaw on.  You can even untie the knot to attach a dummy, making it easy for baby to find during the night.

Let Banksi take you to Kippi – a magical place that exists in the moments just before you fall asleep.

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